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  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Detoxification
  • Gut Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Inflamation
  • Hormone Balancing

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Welcome to Cindy’s Colonics, Gold Coast

We give the body the right conditions to heal

Lose Weight and Feel Better with Colonic Hydrotherapy.

We can help with constipation, headaches, candida, brain fog, bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac Disease, fluid retention, skin conditions, inflammation, hormone balancing and much more.

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Why have a Colonic?

We are what we eat. Heard that one before? Our food contains life-giving nutrients but also many toxins that can impact our physical and mental health. Learn more ->

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What is a Colonic?

Learn here about Colon Hydrotherapy

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What do I Need to Know?

How to prepare for your colonic and what to expect during your procedure. Learn more ->

What Our Clients Say About Us


Cindy is a one of a kind for colonic irrigations! It’s SO important to me to be comfortable while getting this procedure done, and Cindy makes it sooo easy. So if you’re worried about if you’re going to be uncomfortable or embarrassed, remember she has seen many buttholes for years!!! Cindy is also very educated with her Naturopathy and is filled with very helpful information! Couldn’t recommend enough that you book in with Cin today.

Michael Finch

Cindy has been treating me for over 12 months with regular colonic treatments – from the moment you meet Cindy you know how passionate she is about colonics and helping people with their gut health. Suffering from major digestive Issues that had become debilitating from the first visit Cindy assured me she would get my bowels working and that is exactly what happened. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable and was supportive of my personal situation and put me at ease immediately before long you feel like you have known Cindy for years. From my first treatment I felt lighter and calmer – along my journey I have learned a lot about my body and picked up some great tips on various lifestyle health and wellness topis from Cindy that I have implemented into my daily routine and feel so much better for it – colonics will remain a regular part of my self care moving forwards it just makes sense and if you want someone treating you that genuinely cares about your health I can’t recommend Cindy highly enough I finally feel like I have my life back.

Samantha Pearse

I have been going to Cindy for colonics for over a year now and I wouldn’t go to anyone else! Cindy is so lovely and hands on that she makes you feel so comfortable which is what you want when having a colonic. I was suffering from allergies, sinus congestion, gas and bloating. Seeing Cindy all my symptoms have improved dramatically – I highly recommend Cindy

Brooke Boyett

Worker, Dummy Company