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Preparing For Your Colonic


We know that the thought of having a colonic can be scary at first.  You are in safe and gentle hands at Cindy’s Colonics, and we will ensure that you are well-prepared and get the most out of your treatment. Learn more on our Colonic Hydrotherapy Page.



For those wanting a quick summary of the essentials.

  • Cease eating and drinking 2 hours before your appointment
  • Be well hydrated
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • The procedure lasts around 45 minutes

So, where do I start?

Call us! We will answer all your questions to get you ready for your procedure.  We also have an FAQ page with lots of information. We are at Hippocrates Health Centre at 6 Julie Way, Mudgeeraba if you would prefer to come in for a chat

Do I need a special diet?

Yes.  We recommend avoiding heavy, processed foods and following a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

When should I start this diet?

A couple of days before your procedure

When should I stop eating and drinking?

It is best to have nothing to eat or drink for at least two hours before your procedure. This helps with any nausea and limits food digestion during the procedure.

What should I wear?

Wear loose and comfortable clothing so you can leave the upper half on. Don’t worry we have sheets and blankets for your bottom half to keep you warm and protect your privacy.

What about my medications?

Keep taking any prescription medication as usual. Your therapist will discuss this with you at your first appointment.

What if I’m pregnant?

Colonics are considered safe after the first trimester and can greatly benefit mum and baby due to the removal of toxic waste from mum.

Can I have a colonic during my period?

Yes, you can, and that is a great time to have a colonic.  Your colonic may help with bloating. PMS, headaches etc, during your cycle.

Should I consult my Doctor or Natural Health Practitioner before having a colonic?

Yes. We recommend that you have these conversations. as each individual is different, and your practitioners will know your complete history.

Is a colonic safe?

Yes. Ciny’s Colonics uses start-of-the-art Hermann Hydromat closed colonic machines to ensure your safety. This machine is cleaned thoroughly between each client to ensure all treatments are sterilised and safe.

Our Speculums and tubing packs are all disposable for one use only.

Our Therapists are certified, highly trained professionals.

What Happens during and after a Colonic?

See our guide ‘Why have a Colonic’ for more information on the benefits and how you will feel afterwards.