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colonic hydrotherapy

Initial Colonic Hydrotherapy - $150

Your initial session lasts around 75 minutes.

Extra time is given to discuss health history, and health goals and to fill in the client intake form.

New clients are those those who have never had a colonic before, even if they have had colonics previously.

follow up colonic

Follow up Colonic Treatment - $130

Your follow-up sessions last around 60 minutes.

45-50 mins on the table for your treatment, including belly massage with essential oils, probiotics or herbal implants included.

Explanation of what is being released down the tube via TV monitor and health and lifestyle recommendations.

student and pensioner colonic

Students and Pensioners - $110-130

Student and Pensioner Colonics last around 75 minutes. Initial session $130 and returns are $110.

Students must have a valid university ID card for this session; otherwise, the full price will be charged.

We understand that studying and being a pensioner can cause financial struggles so this discount is to make these treatments more accessible too those in need.

childrens colonics

Children's Colonics - $99

Student and Pensioner Colonics last around 45 minutes.

Children as most welcome to come and have colonics. We recommend a parent be with them at all times during the treatment. Child speculums will be used.

These treatments will greatly benefit children with constipation, gut issues, allergies and behavioural issues.

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonics or enemas have been used from around the beginning of time. In fact, it has been a very ancient practice dating back to the Essenes in the 2nd century BC. The Ancient Egyptians used the hollow bamboo reeds out of the rivers to inject water and herbal infusions into their rectums to cleanse the body. They believed the cleaner you were on the inside, the closer you could be to your idols and gods that they worshipped at the time. Evidence has also been found in the Ebers papyrus papers dating back to the 14th century BC and the Edwin Smith papyrus c.1700BC.

Over the years, enemas and colonics have been used to cleanse the body, mind and soul.
By the late 19th century, enemas gave way to colon hydrotherapy equipment giving the user a much more thorough and easier cleanse.

Colon hydrotherapy is the method used to flush away accumulated waste from the colon and digestive tract. Using the closed system of colonics, a speculum is inserted into the rectum with tubes attached to the colonic machine. All speculum and tubing packs are once-use-only disposable equipment.

Warm filtered water is then introduced into the colon to gently massage the colon wall of the intestine and soak into the waste to bring it off the walls and away through the machine. 

Treatments last around 45 minutes and are gentle and pain-free. They flush away the accumulated waste that has been stored over the years. This waste can slow the natural peristaltic muscular action of the colon that removes the waste. The waste you see come away is old food waste, undigested food, seeds, mucous, candida, and parasites. The average person holds between 4kg and 10kg of waste in their body, and if regular cleansing is not done, it can lead to all sorts of bodily aches, pains and dis-ease.

An experienced therapist will be with you throughout the process, do some abdomen massage, and teach breathing techniques to help encourage the release of waste. Essential oils and infusions are also used during the treatment to help with elimination.

Preparing for your Colonic Hydrotherapy Session

Colonics can be scary at first, but you will feel the positive benefits once you have had your initial treatment.

To prepare for your colonics and have the best outcome possible, we recommend these steps before you arrive.

 Our 10 Step Process

    1. Book your appointment. Email the clinic if you have any health concerns or questions you would like answered prior. We have a FAQ page you can check out first to see if this answers any concerns.
    2. Hydrate: Increase your water intake in the days leading up to your appointment. Proper hydration helps to soften the stool and can make for a more comfortable procedure ensuring the best experience.
    3. Diet: Follow a healthy, light diet in the days leading up to your treatment. Avoid heavy, greasy, and processed foods that can be hard to digest. Instead, opt for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.
    4. Try to avoid gas-forming foods: Limit your intake of foods that are known to cause excess gas, such as beans, broccoli, cabbage, onions, brussel sprouts and carbonated beverages. Excess gas can make the procedure uncomfortable.
    5. Empty your bowels: Try and keep your bowels clear as much as possible. If you are severely constipated, please contact the clinic for advice on how to help before arriving for your treatment.
    6. Clothing: Wear something loose and comfortable for your appointment. This will provide a relaxed experience.
    7. Relax: Arrive at your appointment 15 mins early to fill in the client intake form and give you time to relax. You can also practice some relaxation techniques if experiencing anxiety, such as long, slow, deep breathing. Trust in the expertise of the therapist.
    8. Sleep: Getting enough good quality sleep before your appointment can also help you to relax on the day of your treatment.
    9. Medications: Keep taking your prescribed medications as per usual. Your therapist will chat with you about those in your initial consultation.
    10. Call Us: Never hesitate to contact the clinic with any concerns or questions.



Your Colonic Hydrotherapy Procedure

castor oil massage during colonic hydrotherapy

Essential Oils

Essential oils are used on the tummy as the treatment is started to help with getting digestion moving. Other essential oils may be used during the treatment to help with anxiety, stress, the release of waste, and to help you relax and have an enjoyable experience.


Probiotics are live organisms that can proliferate and restore our vital microflora of the gut and digestive system which relates to optimal health and vitality. Probiotics are used whilst on the table to feed the gut with healthy bacteria at the end of the treatment.

Herbal Infusions

Herbal infusions can be used to help relax the colon, the patient, and to help with the release of waste. Various infusions can be used during the treatment for various conditions.

Coffee Infusions/Implants

Coffee infusions during a colonic can help to stimulate the bile ducts in the liver to open and release bile which holds toxins. The coffee implant intensifies and encourages the liver to draw more toxins out of the blood to be released during the treatment.

People who use this technique believe it is a much better way to detoxify the bloodstream at a faster rate giving the person a quicker healing time if struggling with chronic health conditions.

The coffee is released into the colon at the beginning of the treatment and is held for up to 15mins before being released. This is called a retention implant; the rest of the treatment is given before finishing up.

This also helps stop the reabsorption of toxins into the body, which can happen under normal conditions when people don’t do enemas or colonics with their cleansing protocols.

Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil has been used for centuries to help with the elimination of the bowel, fight fungal infections, help the growth of hair and nails, moisturise the skin and can help with stretch marks during pregnancy, just to name a few of the benefits.

In the clinic, we use it to help with the ease of elimination of the colon during your treatments. We rub the oil into your stomach whilst on the table and place a flannel on top and a heat pack to encourage absorption into the colon. This helps stimulate the bowel to move out the waste.


Parasites. We all have them but it’s how we manage them makes all the difference.

Parasites or worms invade the body and are there to help clean up the waste. Unfortunately, they can also become a problem and eat up our nutrients that are supposed to be feeding our cells and proliferate in the body laying eggs by the thousands, pooping and shedding their skins and releasing toxic gases.

Therefore, the removal of parasites is a must to be healthy. Over 90% of the population has an overgrowth of parasites. Read that again, and you will be heading to get something to kill those freeloaders off and out of your body as quickly as possible.

Parasites can enter the body through

  • Your feet
  • Your mouth after touching infected foods
  • Contaminated water
  • Your pets
  • Not washing hands properly after going to the toilet
  • and even sexual activity and blood.

They can also damage organs, depress the immune system, give you out-of-control cravings for sweet foods and carbohydrates, and the poison gases leave us feeling bloated and having gut issues that nothing seems to help.

Here at the clinic, we can help you with colonics and a parasite formula protocol that will flush away those parasites in the body that you don’t want.

We always suggest taking a remedy for parasites every new season around the full moon. The full moon is when parasites become more active because our bodies make more serotonin the happy hormone then melatonin the sleeping hormone.