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Cindys Colonics is a part of the Hippocrates Health Centre on the Gold Coast. Hippocrates Health Centre has been opened since 1985 helping people to detox their bodies and feel alive and vibrant again.

Hippocrates was a Greek physician and considered the father of modern medicine and quoted “all disease begins in the gut”.

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Cindy Davis

To eat for Health does not take wealth but character and brains.

To eat for taste makes big the waste plus many aches and pains.

colon cleansing

Cindy is one of Australia’s longest standing colon hydrotherapists, starting her training and administering treatments for over 30 years.

Cindy’s interest in all things natural developed as a child growing up in the country growing her own vegetables and herbs in the family garden in the back yard. After her own health issues in her early 20’s with mould toxicity, which created anxiety and paranoia she started studying as a Naturopath. At the same time, she found herself training to be a colon hydrotherapist whilst having her own colonics to help heal her body.

Using her own health path as a source of inspiration, Cindy has helped many others reclaim their health using colon hydrotherapy, detoxification, herbal medicine and Nutrition. Her extensive knowledge in these areas has led her to be able to help many people improve their health and lives and heal from dis-ease.

Cindy believes colonics are your first step to clean out the gut to give the body the right conditions to heal. What we hold in our gut we hold in our heads. Heal the gut and you will heal mentally and emotionally, as well as your physical ailments.

Always striving for significant outcomes, when you work with Cindy you can expect a close practitioner/patient relationship with transparency and consistency to achieve your desired health outcomes and goals.
The clinic is child friendly and can accommodate for those who are disabled and is wheelchair accessible. Couples are also welcome who are wanting to detox and cleanse together.

Cindy uses the approved and certified state of the art Herrmann Hydromat closed colonic system from Germany known for their comfort and ease of control.