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Do You Know the Many Benefits of Lymphatic Massage?

Adding Lymphatic Massage and Colonic Hydrotherapy to your wellness plan makes so much sense, as each treatment works hand in hand to rid your body of toxins and improve your well-being and quality of life.

The benefits of Lymphatic Massage include

  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Increased cell oxygenation
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Reduction of cellulitete
  • Increased lymph flow, circulation and metabolism
  • Stimulated natural healing response and repair. Perfect for pre and post-surgery
  • Increased collagen growth and skin tone
  • Relief for whole body facia
  • Relief for muscle tension, women’s bra lines, abdominal, groin, neck, underarm, inner and outer thigh, back and spine and buttock discomfort.


Introducing Passion 4 Lymph

Cindy’s Colonics has partnered with Passion 4 Lymph to give our clients access to the best health care and to complement the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy. Passion 4 Lymph uses a modern flow cupping release system to stimulate lymph blockages which encourages energy, blood and lymph flow. This gives our bodies the power it needs to heal and regenerate itself.

Passion 4 Lymph uses tools such as a Vacuum therapy machine, vibrational therapy machine, and manual cups, teamed up with Swedish/Remedial massage techniques and natural healing response. It is a unique method using a combination of positive and negative pressure, which releases tight fascia and trapped lymphatic fluid—improving energy, blood and lymph flow.

And the best part – Passion 4 Lymph is right next door, here at Hippocrates Health Centre. See their FAQs for more information, and check out the video below for a bird’s eye view of a Lymphatice Massage.