Colon hydrotherapy is the method used to flush away accumulated waste from the colon and digestive tract. Using the closed system of colonics, a speculum is inserted into the rectum with tubes attached to the colonic machine. All speculum and tubing packs are once-use-only disposable equipment.

Warm filtered water is then introduced into the colon to gently massage the colon wall of the intestine and soak into the waste to bring it off the walls and away through the machine. The average person holds between 4kg and 10kg of waste in their body, and if regular cleansing is not done, it can lead to all sorts of bodily aches, pains and dis-ease.

Treatments last around 45 minutes and are gentle and pain-free. An experienced therapist will be with you throughout the process, do some abdomen massage, and teach breathing techniques to help encourage the release of waste. Essential oils and infusions are also used during the treatment to help with elimination.