How much is a Colonic?

Prices start at $99 for children. Students and Pensioners are $110. Adults are $150 for the initial session and #130 for follow-up treatments. We have package deals that include juice cleanses, colonics and lymphatic massage.

How many Colonics do I need?

Everyone differs depending on their health issues. We always suggest between 4-6 treatments for a general cleanse. Your therapist will advise when they think you will need to come back for more. Treatments are usually around one week apart unless doing a three or...

How do I prepare for a colonic?

We recommend a few simple steps to prepare for your colonic. In the days leading to your appointment, increase your water intake. This will soften your stool and ensure a relaxed and comfortable colonic. Follow a healthy diet on those days as well. Go for fruits,...

Where is Cindy’s Colonics

We are at Hippocrates Health Centre at 6 Julie Way, Mudgeeraba, Qld. 21 Kilometres south of Surfers Paradise on the beautiful Gold Coast. See the map in the footer of this website for directions